090811 2PM Wild Bunny EP 04


The rest of the episode can be found on time2sub2’s channel

Well I’m gonna start recaping the very first part of every episode of Wild Bunny starting today, although it might take me a while longer when school starts again x)

lol i like the drawings on their faces in the beginning. I thought I was seeing things lol. YAYY this ep we’re gonna be messing with Taec, I can’t wait <3 lol calling him “big teeth” is probably enough. and we’re also getting a look with 2AM!

Recap under!

lol Khun brags about him being able to prank the most, although I doubt it lol. lol then he gets edited out. lol Jay mentions his mc ing skills suck. lol they pull out the chair for the third time and he falls dead. mmm some stoamch exposure. I think he’s really sleepy because when they arrive, his shirt is like open and he’s blabbling. lol he opens up mangoes, and everyone is swarming around it. lol Jay grabs and handful and he’s like AHHHH, SHIT JAY! lol “please trust the leader and follow” lol junho and wooyoung pick Taec when they’re taking pictures. mm Wooyoung + Seulong are sitting together! Chansung and Taec are in the bathroom and he’s messing around. lol everyone was wearing normal clothes but they’re all wearing performing clothes. Jay drops his cue cards again. lol I feel bad for Taec. although Jay’s got like 10 pranks ahead of everyone. Wooyoung plans to fully awake Taec, and they’re off to their next stop! :)


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