FBG Cuts Subbed


lol lmaooooo, Donghae <3 the words coming out of his mouth make me so happy.

It Is Kinda Dog-

okay well the title was weight but I don’t know what else to call it. I love the fact that Donghae mentions that everyone chips in to even out the pay lol. But I’m sure someone outsmarts the others and buys ridiculous things.  His sexy ripped pants is really cute lol. Onew ruins the sweet moment and mis pronounces it too LOL Key umma comes to the rescue!

Donghae the ultimate Narcissist (but I still love him) –

Sungmin first answers with Why i’m chosen to be the guest on this show can be the answer to you. lol well Sungmin thinks he’s one of the top 5 (he is pretty cute ya know) and thinks he’s better than Siwon lol AWWWWW<3 Donghae brags about being #1 in the whole SM the whole world but unlike some people, he’s #1 to me too!  ♥ he’s so cute omfg, :54 <3


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