090813 M! Countdown


lol so I’m not much of a Mnet person because I rarely watch it but it’s still worth it.

FT Island – I hope

lol omgg Minhwan, you’re such a cutie :) lol I love him so much but I can’t even find him when they were performing, I guess he was on the very side DDD; their hairs are still wacko T_________T i love Minhwan singing along, gosh he’s born full of cuteness.

Kara – Wanna

I like the stage, it’s really pretty. Pretty much improved from their previous ones. I have to admit I’m still addicted to this song.

Brown Eyed Girls – Moody Night + Abracadabra

Ohhh I finally knew that they’re wearing wigs lol. Thank goodness! OR i WOULD’VE KILLED THEIR STYLIST. i Don’t think i was ever a fan of Moody Night, I kind of liked their other ballads more, but I’m guessing it’s not their concept yet. lol the awkward picture in the backgroun =/ was awkward lol.  but I liked the flowers when Ga In came out.  I liked the way they performed and then moved on to Abracadabra. they’re gaining alot of cheers now haha.

Hwayobi – Rose (Comeback)

I haven’t listened to this song yet, but I think she’s a great singer so I just wanted to check it out. But yeahhhh, her clothing and hair has got to go =/ I mean, she has a great body and could’ve worn something much better. I wish she came back with a dance song though..it’s always been ballads for a long time.


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