090815 Music Core


Baek Ji Young ft Taec –

I wasn’t looking forward to this, but I love this song. LOL at the beginning, it looked like a mob of random people -__________- btw she’s 36 so like she’s aging beautifully lmao. The choreo looks cool but there seems to be too many people or the stage is too small. Taec looks so handome :) although when they perform together, it’s soo DDD; -cringes-

More under!

Brown Eyed Girls –

okay I think the stage is reallyyy white, making them look like vamps man. And their lipstick just makes it worse. Narsha’s lip looks swollen haha. The stage floor, with the street is like random. I like the little pillars though.

SNSD – (Goodbye Stage) –

lol it looks like Disneyland, I like the castle it’s so pretty :) wow alot of people are watching, OMGG WATER <3 that’s even cooler. (it’s easy to amuse me) you know, I love Sooyoung’s voice, it’s really nice here.  Plus they look super tired, omg I just noticed they’re dancing in water, haha no heels this time :) lol at the end, poor Tae

and Genie –

I definitely never thought that I’d miss this song and it’s just a pity that they won’t perform it again. But I don’t know, maybe it’s just the whole girl groups craze right now that’s annoying me alot. I wish more boys debuted or came back T_______________________T

T-ara –

I watched their MV and fell in love with that guy, can’t figure out his name but he’s suppper duper cute ;D  I don’t know their names yet, but idk it’ll have to take time before I learn them. I think they’re super pale with the dresses and stockings, the intro song was sorta boring. Then the little paper people came on D’AWWW, that’s cute. And OMGG they pan into the real people and lol it’s the same. :) it’s been a while since I listened to this song again and omgg, I like it <3

Kara –

I wonder why they performed this instead of Wanna, I’m guessing it’s their follow up song then. I don’t like the clothing grr, but I think it makes it fit with the song.


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