090816 Inkigayo


2PM Special Stage –

I’m glad they’re doing so many special stages lol.

Seo Taiji & Boys :You in Fantasy – how sad Junsu’s still sick, omg I like the dance. 3 guys for this song, is that JAY?! omg he’s so unrecognizable.  and Wooyoung, the song was weird though lol.

JYP :  Kiss – lol I love Taec’s voice?! is it even his, well he sure works it well. Junho, Khun, and Chansung are also in here. Khun got buffer lol, i like their hairs, it’s not super slicked out.

Fin. K.L : Forever in Love – Khun, Wooyoung, Jay, and Junho. I kind of like the fact that they’re not covering any of the artists today; it’s more of before. The stage is so cute, Khun looks uper cute on that swing <3 the song itself was really happy. Wow, all smiles after a long time I think.

Rain : Bad Guy – everyone except Junsu (poor guy) lol look alike Rain starts off, ironic much? How fierce ♥ lol I finally remember this song, it’s a good song one of my faves from him.

Kara – Again and Again –

lol they look so bad ass, the harmonizing always freaks me out. It’s too soft for me lol. I bet that girl that had cornrows prepared early for this :) gosh I should learn their names. Nicole’s hair is so cute ! it makes her look so damn awesome. but she didn’t get to sing?! The performance was cool although it seemed rush. I wish it would’ve been longer =/

Dance battle of the Females –

I wish Hyo was there, or maybe they could’ve done it last week before SNSD had their goodbyes. Overall, I’d say Minji took it lol.  But I mean isn’t she a pro dancer? Nicole came closs though, the stage looked pretty :) Ga In didnt’ seem like she was really dancing, how sad. i loved how during Minji’s song, it said shit and she was all covering her mouth, she’s so cool :)


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