G-Dragon – Heartbreaker Album Review


OMG it’s finally out! I was waiting for this in like forever and we finally get to listen to it.

Overall; i’m very pleased and happy that I’ve waited for his album. It’s much like GD style and not very different from what we usually see from him. So yeah, I can’t wait to hear his live :)

Full review under!

01. 소년이여 (A Boy)

The teaser itself was really good and I actually was listening to it earlier until I found the full album. It’s quite addictive and I’m happy that he released a song like that.

02. Heartbreaker

I think this was the most anticipated song out of the whole album and I’m sure he’ll be performing this one first :) omgg, can I just say I freakin’ love it?! GD is super awesome, I don’t think I’ve listened to him sing so this is so nice. The teaser definitely mislead people, and I’m good it’s nothing like Flo Rida. Okay this might just be my favorite song x) the song is tooo catchy xD

03. Breathe

I’m surprised no one has commented on this song O____O i’ve heard it’ll be the song he’ll be performing along with Heartbreaker :) but the song is catchy too, i love the chorus. Okay his hair is starting to creep me out DDD;

04. Butterfly

wow the teaser, I didn’t like the song, and now I’m not sure if my opinion changed. It’s so unlike GD and I’m sure they just stuck the song in, it’s too mellow for me and to imagine him singing this is just ;OOOOO

05. Hello Feat Dara (2NE1)

lol Dara’s voie is really nice, different from what I usually hear from her. I love GD’S way of saying Hello lmao, it’s so cute. He sounds sorta fluent in English, i mean for a guy that loves hip hop; he’s gotta be right? :)

06. Gossip Man feat Kim GunMo

This song was released earlier and i did get to listen to it, but I was like waiting for his whole album so I never paid attention to the song, but I really do like it. I’m sure it has pretty deep lyrics in it. and GunMo’s voice is super cool.

07. Korean Dream Feat Taeyang

mmm, I like the song in the beginning already. omg he swore at .37, wow lol. Well I mean it’s pretty normal to me and doesn’t bother me but lol, aren’t koreans supposed to censor it? i love ah ah ah ah oh..so catchy :)

08. The Leaders Feat CL & Teddy

This was actually on their YG tv thing and it sounded super nice. lol did u notice that WASSUP is getting so popular now lol, SS501, Untouchables, and now GD :) it sounds even nicer studio version, the wassup is too catchy. but I mean; they’re trying too hard to be hardcore, ease it out now ;D but omg the cussing at the end O_O

09. She’s Gone feat KUSH

gotta be my lease fave, DD; not much to say but GD, you’ve done a great job <3

10. Station 1 Year

FT island much?! i like it ♥


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