090818 Wild Bunny ep 05


Full episode at time2sub2’s channel!

This has gotta be the cracktastic-est episode yet. I mean when 2AM comes together with them…there’s bound to be alot of things happening especially with Kwon lmao. I mean the guys’s super cool, he’s like the girl Jay if you want to put it that way. He’s special, yet he’s so cool. It’s like so ridiculous how he acts, he makes me laugh like every time I see him. Especially his engrish. omggg that boy <3 Again; i’ve recaped this week’s first part of episode 5 :)

We start off summarizing last week, leaving behind Taec, Wooyoung and Chansung by themselves and after that they meet up with Kwon and Seulong. Taec asks Seulong what he likes about BEG and it’s an awkward silence. LMAO SEULONG POPS UP WITH do you love her, do u lub her? LOL Taec suggest Kwon do the dancing; i agree. lol Kwon’s made fun of with the Hot Blood vid for only showing him crying. Then they talk about their nipples WTF lol. They all come out of seperate doors lol and then decide on their team name. lol Kwon suggest something along the lines of Beyonce and Horse Boys. lol KWON is brilliant and comes up with Dirty Eyed Girls. lol Toshio Wooyoung <3 lol everyone’s making him whine and he acts awesome. lol WTF IS JOKWON DOING INTRODUCING HIMSELF.  and then he ruins Seulong’s introduction by making it dirty. They have to pick their leader and Kwon can’t make a low note, lol and Wooyoung does it and the caption said Wooyoung are you going to throw up? lol they’re so pro at it, and they’re all something octaves. lol Kwon LMAO FAIL AGAIN. lol Chansung loses himself and does it wrong. lol and they keep going until it’s ridiculously high. lol caption’s all Chansung, let’s just rap. lmao he gives up. And part 1 ends there :)

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