B2Y releases full Album


Okay so I finally got to see what they look like and they’re not horibble. I’m totally digging Woong how do u say that? and LMAO THEIR NAMES SOUND LIKE BIRD CALLS.

Okay so poor me but I’m already reviewing them before even getting to hear them live but I guess we won’t be doing that soon, actually I’m not even sure when they are so yeah.  for the whole album, they basically have only 3 tracks and then instrumental for each. You know; I’ve gotta say the intrumentals made it really long like before I even listened to the actual song, it felt super long.

Okay so now onto their first song.

but yeahh and I’m not digging the other guy’s makeup, it makes him look like a bird but I’m looking forward to this mixed group and their full album + pics under!

yeah..the guy with the liner..too distracting.

01. (너만의 천사)

I like the music for it; it’s really pretty. Okay so major crush on Woong already -.- The girls’ voices made me a little irritated but idk it’ll take time to get used to. Is it just me or is their singing really soft? like I can barely hear them. Okay so basically I understand that the girls sing chorus and the guys mainly do the stanzas? or rap? Yeah the song isn’t catching to me and I got bored =/ I hope they don’t promote it ); lol I was viewing the other song at 18 secs and I freaked out thinking I already got bored that shortly after.

02. 나. 원. 참.

The song scared me at first, I think they’ll be promoting this song? I hope I don’t get disappointed, but I can imagine them dancing to this song; it’s good; another great song to dance and sing along to. xD the guy’s rapping voice is really deep lol.

03. My Love (내사랑 밉상)

I think this is the only song that I’ve liked and I mean there’s only 3 songs so I don’t know but this is really my type of music. I wish they promote this song. It’s so good, i love the chorus and the girls’ voice. I keep hearing only one voice, ;O it’s like fast and then slows down to the handsome guy’s voice <3

04. 너만의 천사 (INSTRUMENTAL)

05. 나. 원. 참. (INSTRUMENTAL)



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