Big Bang – 1st Japanese Album Review


Okay so I was bored and since I wanted to give the album a try already; I’m going to be doing a review now :) I hope Daesung gets better soon <3 his surgery went well so that was great :)

Only gunna review the new songs, because we’ve already heard the other ones already.

Overall I like the album (the old songs sort of loosened the stress of reviewing the album) I totally dig all the songs and I hope they’ll get to perform this soon.

01. Intro – I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any of their intros but nevertheless; it’s cool

02. Gara Gara Go

03. Bringing You Love – I like the song, it’s catchy especially the chorus. I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of their songs. haha

04. My Heaven

05. Stay – The song’s really mellow and I’m not a big mellow person but I do agree with the millions of ppl that it’s fantastic and beautiful. I love the piano and their voices just blend right in. The english words just make it even more sad which makes me touched :D

06. Top of the World

07. Follow Me – lol ironic, FOLLOW ME ahem fangirls? Not my fave track but definitely high up there? lol that’ll mean all the songs are basically all my faves then. the oh oh oh ah oh oh is brilliant <3

09. Emotion

10. Love Club –  Totally dig the english; they’ve really improved so I can’t wait to listen <3


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