090827 M! Countdown


Okay so we’re finally back to performances ! whooooo ! and it’s almost time for me to go back to school, less then two weeeks to be exact. Which means I don’t know; I probably might be really tired on the first week of school =/ but yeah hopefully I don’t abandon this ):

Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon – I always found this pairing to be really odd but at least they look good and make it work like she’s 20 or something. I still miss her ballads and I  heard she won’t be doing that anymore.  I think Taec’s lip syncing too, he’s still not going to be able to talk =/ lol his shoes looked like flip flops when he came out.

Brown Eyed Girls – Aw they deserved to win lol. WB wasn’t subbed yesterday yet I watched the whole thing and yes, I do think they deserve it haha.

T-ara –  I actually like the song and it’s sort of catchy. I don’t remember it at all and I don’t hum the tune randomly but when i do get to hear it, I kind of want to hear it again.

Kara – LMAOOO @ 2 37 that wasn’t their singing was it :) wow they have alot of fans now.

2NE1 – wow they haven’t debuted a year and I think everyone’s pretty known them as the bad ass girls and yeah they are. They’ve come a long way from ponytails and lollipops :D

Jewelry – just added it in for their comeback.


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