4Minute – Muzik


Credit: XxtenerifexX @ youtube

I’d have to say i like this alot more than Hot Issue. They’re not super popular but I mean, I hope they do. Hyunah’s rap was brilliant.

Unfortunately, KBS has banned this song -_________________- wow something new isn’t it?

KBS has determined that 4Minute’s track “I won’t give (안줄래),” has inappropriate lyrics.

Specifically these lyrics (오늘부터 너 한테 나 안줄래/ 이제 다신 내 맘 전부 안줄래/ 이젠 다시 너한테는 안 줄래~):
“Starting from today, I won’t give myself to you / Now, I will never give you my entire heart / Now, I won’t ever give myself to you.”

Cube Entertainment stated:
“The lyrics for ‘I won’t give’ is about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy. We are very disappointed that the lyrics were deemed inappropriate.”

Yeah so everything the refers to true feelings must be bad isn’t it T________T at least they’re not cussing or referring to dirty slang words. geez. No one banned anything about GD, and besides songs are songs.


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