090825 Wild Bunny ep 06


Rest are on time2sub2’s channel.

Okay my bad, I nearly forgot about this until I just realized it. It’s been out for two days so if you’ve watched it then yay. I did too but not with eng so here I go recapping the very first part of ep 06. I’d just like to say that even without subs, it’s pretty much still cracktastic but then the pun is actually even more too. I wonder if this is aired at noon or like 12 am.

They open tehir lockers to find their costumes that fashion terrorist himself has picked out. Unfortunately due to his I hate You grunts, he won’t be able to talk. They start asking him if he brought 4Minute’s costumes lol. And then Chansung says it’s cool how even though he can’t talk they still know what he’s thinking. lol Taec commands himself with a notebook and the models lol and the captions are so funny. Seulong’s outfit is really radical haha and the caption’s all TWO RICE BOWLS. I’m glad Kwon came out last cuz he needs all the time he’s got to work it. I love his diva walk, and OMGGG HIS FREAKIN chewing gum method is so sexy. Taec comes out last but we’ve already seen him. haha the captions make fun of them too much. lol Taec’s big teeth shredded Kwon’s pants and Seulong’s shirt. Wooyong actually praises his own outfit (I thought they’d all be bashing Taec) omgg and the moment we’ve been waiting for. Seulong’s jaw dropping eating candy scene with Chansung WOOOOOT <3 :) Kwon and Wooyoung are like the cutest one day couple ever. Kwon says “I think we’re having some mental problems” and Taecyeon nods. then he whores some attention. Confident Wooyoung brags about finishing it once and he does haha. lol Teac’s cute voice is wonderful yet Wooyoung makes fun ot his face. Kwon’s solo scene is up next and i’m sure he’ll be good at it. lmao, Wooyoung draws Taec with a robot. Then Suju inspired armpit dance. & we end with them and their little pit dance. :D

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