090828 Mnet 20’s Choice


I guess this is like their annual top 20 list? I’m glad 2PM got to perform, YAYYYYYY <3

2pm – Over 9 whole minutes of nonstop 2PM spazz is driving me crazy. Here’s the clip of Wooyoung & Jay presenting with the girl from BOF (Wooyoung’s hair is delicious) & them rehearsing I think Junsu’s still sick, must be a veryyy bad cold. Jay’s camerawhoring on the carpet.

T-ara –  Okay so I think it was a little bit unlively, like they were tired. Oh forgot to mention Bada performs with them and she looks good.

2AM with Wheesung – lol you know, they’re serious with ballads but as you can see their completely different in rl, which Jokwon demonstrates very well. Wheesung adds a lot of flair to the song too. Them on blue carpet with girl that looks freaky (Choirara)

I’m getting lazy so the 2NE1 LQ won’t be up here.


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