Taegoon on You can Fly


Credit: TGSub @ youtube

Part 2

Okayyy YAYYY Taegoon :) I’ve missed him alot yet I don’t really stalk news about him anymore ): I’ll recap the first part and leave the second one to you :)

I’m not really what this show is about, and I think it’s my first time watching it. (which is what happens to me in most shows haha and then they get all cancelled)

But anyways, first the Mc (gotta learn his name) comes out and introduces him. he looks mightyyyy fine lol. He’s meeting up with “masters” at the high school. Then he demonstates his singing. The first master he meets is the master of jump rope LOLLLLL . I suck at that ): lol he comes in a classroom and i’m sure by now everyone’s known him so i’d be going crazy. Strong legs and gorgeous wrists lol? Taegoon says he can’t win hahaha.That’s so embarrassing lol, I would fall on the ground. LMAO HE JUMPS 4 TIMES & ENDS UP TANGLING HIS FOOT. And as we all know, the winner is pretty obvious. aw she wishes for a back hug <3 and asks if it’s nice DUHHHHH IT’S NICE :D Master of dance is next, and that would be head to head. lol the master of dance looks like Shin Young haha. The girls do imitations that I’ve never heard of lol. Then Taegoon dances for us, mmmmmmmm ~ cameras are like all over the place. lol and then the girls do a dance, I’m sure it’s for gags haha. lol the teacher ends up dancing too, and the winner is.. but first lol Taegoon acts cute and omfg, that’s really cute. Taegoon wins of course yay :))))))) He chooses master of eating and I have a feeling that won’t be good haha. And that’s the end of part 1 :D


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