G-Dragon’s Debut on Inkigayo


Credit: kpopluv20 @ youtube

Okay so I don’t have alot of time this week =/ school’s starting up and I have so many things to do to my room too. Why didn’t I freakin do it earlier ):

I love GD omgg, he does so well solo and with Big Bang. I love the choreo for Heartbreaker, and the song omg, I’ve memorized it already too. The apple, is the bomb lol. It’s super cool and he’s such a bad ass on stage. I’d have to say he’s the best solo guy so far that I’ve been so far. I wish he did The leaders with CL and stuff, but we can wait on that either way :) Breathe sounds really good today, but I think it was sorta abrupt and just put together. But i mean, it’s not his debut single so that doesn’t really matter. I’d like to say more lol…but I can’t so yeah


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