F(X)’s Showcase


Well I hate to say the fact that I really don’t like Lachata that much. I listened to it a couple of times and I can’t say I love it. Whereas, lots of people have said they did, I don’t. Their members, lol I’m not even interested in T_________T poor sport but yeah; I guess i’m just over all the rage with the girl groups. Either they’ve chosen a bad time to debut or they just don’t have talent (at least in my eyes) I’m quite only been interested in Amber though. She seems very different from all the past girls and i’m sure she’ll set a trend in the industry. I’m kind of annoyed. I mean their showcase features almost everyone in SM. I know it’s a joyous occassion to celebrate but really? I had this feeling with 2NE1 but somehow at least I still kept listening to their song Fire. On the other hand, I haven’t with Lachata. Maybe things will change… but for now I’m totally not obsessed.

The event was hosted by Leeteuk and Sunny.

Pictures under! *Amber’s wearin Donghae sexy pants. *


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