090901 Wild Bunny Ep 07


Rest are on time2sub2’s channel

Recapping first part again :) It probably goes by pretty fast lol. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to recap the funny parts since it’s all the parts ahead. But that’s good haha, I won’t have to type and watch at the same time for every episode. I find this the most interesting lol. Jay is still a fail, and I love it. Khun’s crazy laughs might be the greatest revolution ever haha. The world must be ending. There’s so many spazzes in the episode, I found myself laughing a minute into the first part lol. Btw today’s 2PM’ one year anniversarry :D

Okay so we begin with their mission and Taec writes on this huge piece of paper to “plan” their day haha. I was scared thinking Khun was gonna hit him lol. Jay mentions to have a Wooyoung expose time. Jay says they should just sleep, play a game, eat, play another game, so basically do something and then play a game. AND JAY SAYS WOOYOUNG EXPOSE TIME AGAIN LOL. Season 2 and so forth haha. That little boy is so cute xDDDDDDDD  so they play a game  to determine who will make lunch. Jay’s way of saying shark is so cute. Khu probably gets the easiest and just shakes his nose. Jay’s like “He’s like a broken pig” Taec hangs it by his hips and I thought he would’ve done BEG dance move lol. they’re tryin to probably shake it in a minute with the least amount? or highest? I’m confused -________- Wooyoung begs for his turn to be one of the “Wooyoung Exposes” seasons. Fail leader declines of course. I feel so bad for Wooyoung, lol. Wooyoung of course wins haha. They had to change the tape for jay so that he won’t complain of his voice losing. Of course, he goes spazztastic, crazy, abnormal, seizure – istic. & maybe all of the above haha. THE PEDOMETER RESETS ON HIM AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH ;D Chansung’s turn with Jay lol, and of course he sabotages Chansung haha. Captions all “Losing his conscious, makes conversation.” And Taec gets revenge by pulling his pants. Khun’s laugh was prescious :D Wooyoung mentions he gave his all to WB (isn’t he just like that in rl?) But he just says that he doesn’t want to do that. Then Taec gets caught watching an innappropiate scene on tv when he turns it on LOL. Junho says you’re seriously lookin like an idiot and Jay fires with ” You’re calling Outsider Hyung an idiot? And we end with Chansung & Wooyoung cooking !


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