F(X) – Luna’s Showcase


Credit: dirah9302 @ youtube

I’m getting really technical with this group so much. I don’t even know why but i’m definitely not hating them. I was reading a comment on youtube and Donyale6230 mentioned:

She has a nice voice, but the song is too big for her. Also, I feel she could have put a little more soul into the song. I do like her voice though. It is nice to have someone in a girl group who can actually sing.

And I totally agree. I mean  she’s good for age, but I find the girls are debuting waaaay too early. I find all the rage from Krystal, their dance, their song, and surprising age. If it’s vocals, they’ve got a long way to go.  When she was straining the last note, I found myself awkward lol.


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