Kim Tae Woo’s Album Review


I have to say I’m doing a lot of stuff today haha, hopefully not as much tomorrow?

Well I love this guy. I remember listening to his song collab with a bunch of other guys and it turned out to be my fave song of the week. I wasn’t going to listen to this at first but I can’t really miss it.

01. 하고 싶은 말 Part 2 / Something To Tell You Part 2 – So he’s that voice that I loved the most ! OMGGG <3 I LOVE HIM. I don’t care anymore, this album rocks lol. His voice is amazing. Even though it’s only a minute, it’s worth all of it.

02. Faster (Feat. 유비) / Faster (Feat. Yu Bi) – Way more upbeat, lol notice the title DUH. I think his voice in auto tone is really nice so looking forward to his live so much ♥ I wonder what he’ll be promoting, most likely this one? Since it’s the second track, I like it not love yet but it’s pretty good.

03. 사랑비 / Love Rain – I love the track way mellow than the other one before and his voice is really nice. The melody is so cute haha. I like this track too :DDDDDDDDDDD I have to say I love the stanza before chorus and the chorus OMG IT’S SO NICE :)))))))))

04. 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (Duet With LYN) / I say ya! You say ye (Duet With LYN) – The word duet made me really happy especially when someone collabs with another person even makes me giddier. The female’s voice is really soft reminds me sorta of J a little. Doesn’t it to you? I’m kind of surprised that it’s reggae ish lol. I’m not into that stuff but their voices together are so good. Okay so I think her voice sounds like Navi now haha.

05. 점점점 (Feat. 앙리) / JumJumJum (Feat. Henry) – Happiest track to me but it works so well together. I keep thinking he put a lot of effort for perfection on this album. I want a balld though -_____________________-

06. 기억과 추억 (Feat. 준형, 호영, 데니) / Memories and Rememberance (Feat. JunHyung, HoYoung, Danny) – FAVE SONG, OMFG, REMEMBER WHEN I SAID THAT I LOVED HIM IN WHATEVER SONG – THIS WAS IT OMFG OMFG SPAZZ I LOVE THIS SONG.

Overall, I really dig the album fave song Track 06. Next up would be track 01 and everything else is mutual. No least fave in this album :)



  1. gr8 DaT U rEcAPPed DiS. lUV hIS S0ngS As WeLL

    • Haha thanks. I love him too. His songs are amazing.

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