SHINee’s Words to SHINee World


“It seems like it’s been a long time.. I wonder what the reason is.. hahaha..
I should write (say hi) more often ~^^?
Thanks to our SHINee World, we ended our promotion of Juliette successfully(?) ^^
I’m always thankful ~”

“You really miss us alot right?
Just wait a little more please~
(We’re) preparing really hard and will continue to show you our best efforts through (our) songs”

“We’re always preparing/working hard so please look forward to us^^
I wish to come back fast! hah.”

“It’s an unfortunate thing (that they ended promotions and time’s passing).. but I’m excited for the next promotions!
To show everyone our hard working selves, SHINee’s been working/preparing very hard so please look forward to it!
I’ll be a hardworking Minho and SHINee”

“Everyone misses us a lot too right?
Thanks for the support that you gave us during our promotional period~^^;;;
I’m really grateful for always having your support~”

Credit: weareshining

I’m glad they’re finally done with Juliette. They can focus more on fixing up their hair. working on a new album. I hope they don’t leave and never come back. Their last break was really long but it ended up only being a few months. I’m scared to realize how long Suju’s gonna be staying like that. );


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