090904 Music Bank


I have to say I’m really glad G-Dragon won again :))))) He’s on a roll man lol. I bet he’ll top the charts from Super Junior very soon.

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker & Breathe – I love his shirts now, it’s so cute. His blond hair is really cute on him now. I have to say he’s improving already and I’m so happy :DDDDDDDDD He won & he was in the waiting room but unfortunately the vids have been deleted. Breathe was really good too.  OMG FANS ARE ALREADY SINGING ALONG WHOOO ;D

4Minute’s Comeback – I adore the song. Love it soooo much !

BJY feat Taec – lmao I admire what she dares to wear lol. That skirt looks cute on her, makin her look no way her age. Taec’s voice seems to be getting a little better, and I love his shades. Their chemistry together is really something to beat man.

Davichi – Comeback? I like the song, although it’s not as catchy as their other hits.

Kara –  I think they’re leaving soon or at least it feels like. I kind of miss Mister.


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