DBSK – “Colors – Melody & Harmony”


Credit: jh20121 @ youtube

The melody is a little weird but their singing is really beautiful. Yoochun even says Keep the Faith <3 omg this brings me to tears ): I love the piano bits of it too. Their voices match so much, it’s like love lol. I find 5 minutes of the song not even enough lol. The chorus is really upbeat, :) then Yoochun raps right after, and it’s really good. His smexy deep voice is awesome :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’m definitely gonna replay this song


  1. O M G Casey. Your title is like GENIUS! I love it! Snap, Crackle, & KPOP. HA HA! Anyways, I feel bad for our other blog too, but I want my own blog, I just don’t know how to run it. Most of the time I would be lazy to do anything with it so yeah. :D Au Revoir

    • Aw I was excited seeing you comment my blog ! I know huh, I’m sad too but I hope we’ll be doing something soon about it.

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