Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain” MV


Credit: usasiansourceKpop @ youtube

Sometimes I don’t dig long MVs, especially sad ones lol; they just makes me cry. But I actually like the MV.  there wasn’t singing till like 2 minutes into it or so. I don’t know when his comeback is. I actually love the scene where he sings into his cell, it’s realy good. Then the guy does the piano, and I like it ♥ It’s like a song in progress. I don’t remember what I said but this wasn’t my fave song. I think the MV made me like it even more. The chorus really made me LOVE it. I find it funny that he’s singing into his phone while walking lmao. why isn’t there anyone that’s staring at him? I find him looking a little like Mithra from Epik High. Don’t you? Maybe it’s just me haha. Love this MV <3


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