090905 Music Core


YAYYYYY F(X)’S debut :) Amber was so fireceeeee lol. I’m gonna say like a whole lot about their performance the most so like yeah. This might be the only time I’ll be talking really normal. I’m so sorry );

Credit: dailykpopnews @ youtube

I have absolutely no idea why I even posted the video up instead of link but just a taste ot :) This is only the intro, yet it’s so fierce. Did you even see Victoria’s ending pose? like what the heck -________________- no one in the world can do that except my friend who’s like a gymnast and her.

Okay so the whole video too lol. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Amber at all. I also tried to find the voice before Sulli’s (yeah I learned all their names in like a minute before watching) and I found that it’s just harmonizations between someone & Krystal’s. Krystal is realllyyyy pretty, and I’m excited to hear her speak English lol. Sulli was like out of breath a little wasn’t she? But I love her cute face. I love Luna’s voice. But…AMBER STOLE THE STAGE LOL. When she started to say come on come on baby the chants were already crazy and when she finally rapped, the chants were awesome. She’s so <3, I love the song too. I can’t wait to see them again <3 :)

4Minute – I love the song and the intro was cute. I don’t get their hoodies though, it looks really disgusting. But I love the beat when they just come out.

Kara – I probably might as well say nothing if I don’t have anything else to say. But I’ll still post up the links.


Brown Eyed Girls

Baek Ji Young & Taec


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