Brown Eyed Girls on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Abracadabra – I still love this song soo much and it’s still so catchy. They did so well once again. What’s so funny is I keep hearing Dirty Eyed Girls lyrics, every night I dirty… I like their glittery outfits too. They actually sound like they’re singing live here more than on shows. lol at all the audience people singing along, (that’s what I do tooxD) I kind of wanted 2AM & 2PM to appear out of nowhere and join them, can we please have that for their goodbye stage? :) Did you even see the part where Ga In took off her vest? Her whole back was like revealed, it looks good for her at least. She’s so cool lmao. (:

More under ;D

Interview – I suspected Miryo being fluent when they came on Pops in Seoul. I love her english. Don’t understand the inteview but lovely ladies :)

Miryo rapping – I REALLY LOOKED FORWARD TO THIS :) and Miryo looked really nervous. Is it just me or do they look really shiny lmao. I think she had to pick from the jar and rap using those key words (omg reminded me when I had to do that for homework) lmao she picked something and I recognize that guy, forgot his name but he’s really good in acting. Then she got food? I heard samgyupsal. & LMAO A COW :) lol she killed it; I would’ve just froze to death. Does Narsha have a tattoo? I’ve noticed that star for a while. Her beat box was hot lol. lol but she fails in the end by coughing. Then they do this dance break by Rain LMAOOOO. Ga In looks like she’s gonna fail. @ 5 17 LMAO, that’s so cute.

Again and Again, I Want You, How Come – I love the piano, omgggggg it’s so freakin pretty. Jea made it really pretty. I was thinking 2PM’s song too, there’s not a lot of ballads I know of that have that title. I love how she put a lot of passion into a song lol. I never really noticed how the lyrics were. LMAO at when ga In came out, the back up was like dancing it in slow mo. Again; I thought 2PM would come out lol. i’m not childish guys chill.

I don’t think I know this song but  they made it hot lol. When they raised their hands, it looked like they said POM POM. OMGGG NARSHA, SHE’S GODO AT RAPPING AS WELL. It’s probably my fave in the whole show. hey ripped jeans. I like her shirt too.

My fave song man, and I think the whole audience did too lol. Everyone started getting up. I remember watching the MV, they’ve changed soo much lol. Ga In had like a bowl cut.


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