090906 Inkigayo



I seriously have to start installing the thing so I can watch it live !

But anyways, I think the video quality really sucks lmao; but idk it doesn’t bother me as much. Today was F(X)’s debut and Trax+ Air GOT TO PERFORM OMG I WAS WAITIN FOR IT FOR SO LONG. I was searching stuff about TRAX and they don’t look like average idols I guess. They’re more rock – ish.

I might just put the performances in order and stuff so it’s easier yeah? :) No need to thank me lol.

Okay so Kara’s Public Transport Song was on lmao, they’re so cute, I guess the energy song was getting boring. The bus was really cool though, I bet it would be really boring to watch bts.

TRAX + AIR – “FATE” – I read a lot of comments sayin how they’re compared to FT Island and how they’re hand syncing, first time hearing that btw. haha, but yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone did that though. I love this band, and their member “Rose” actually left, I actually favored him the most when I saw them together. It’s sad but he must be really good to have so many people miss him. I hope they make more music to come. I can’t remember which song was this from Swallow the sun or East of Eden so I’ll just say I really love this song.

OMGG Wooyoung’s hair is so smexy now lol. It’s like LSG haha. G Dragon does his interview & performs. That was hot as well lmao. I’m still talkin about his hair alot but idk lol; it’s just not him. Wooyoung’s shoes look really big xD but it’s cute, yellow shoes on a guy omg. There was a random shot of BEG lol. G Dragon has like two sides to him haha. He’s cute and stuff then he’s hardcore on stage (adorabe !)

LMAO FORGOT TO PUT F(X) IN HERE. Okay so I LOVE AMBER GOSH. SHE THREW HER HAT TWICE HOW HOT <3333333333. Victoria still surprises a lot, she’s so flexible. I like the stage too. It’s really cool. Then they wear different things, and I like it. It”s good that they’re not all wearing the same thing. I think I’ll just stop the spazzing a little lol. I’m scared of myself too geez.

Baek Ji Young also performs, and they’re so cute. I love the ending pose <3 :)

2NE1 performs Pretty Boy and I’m happy they did cuz I really loved this song, maybe In the Club next? (:

Brown Eyed Girls lol, I’ve probably seen every performance of that song.

G-Dragon Wins & Encore I’m happy he won again, I was at the CD place and all of his cds were sold out ); but that’s a good thing to him so yay ;D

Kara I’m a little annoyed that they’ve been performing this song and Wanna on and off. Can’t they just pick ONE?

T-ara ahhhh first thing I noticed was the girl’s hair haha. I don’t know their names either, I THINK I’M SLACKING OFF NOW. But anyways I like the song :)


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