090907 F(X) on Kiss the Radio


Credit: randomRinnie

Aw I love this song, and I think she has the strongest voice I’ve heard of in the group. I think her english pronounciation was decent for a korean lol. But sometimes it does throw me off and make me giggle, especially the chorus. But the song is sooo cute, I wanted Krystal to sing it, didn’t you? :)

Intro – lmao I’m always scared when Teuk is all YAAAAA after someone sings and his clapping is really loud. Amber has a english accent when speaking korean doesn’t she lol. I think it’s hot either way :)

Lachata – LACHATTAAA WAS HOT LOL. I could see Tae Woo just sitting there grooving. I love this group so much haha. Amber is freakin hot. She was like ready to bust out the dance. Sulli’s so cute, i love her hair. It makes her look like she’s 10. Amber looks like a little bit of Minho doesn’t she? I see how she’d pass for SHINee now.

AMBER TALKS (OMGOMGOMG) – the only reason why i’d ever spazz is because I love her a lot.

Ending – Them saying goodbyes & taking pictures. Some are actually under :)

Translations are here

Credits: as tagged; bestiz; Mellerz @ soompi

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