Jay leaves Korea


Credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube

I hate posting up news but this seriously made me cry. I have to say those stupid idiots that drove him to do this is freakin pissing me off -.- I can’t believe he has to leave. I can’t believe what else they’re gonnna be doing anymore. I don’t need anything else anymore. So I wasn’t that upset about DBSK but this is truly tragic -_____________- and stupid. I mean, just forgive that guy for goodness sakes. Even a person who isn’t a fan of 2PM even forgave him.

I hope he does come back soon..and that nothing will ever change. Cuz if he does, I’d really be upset and might just quit kpop forever.


  1. I would too, jay’s so cool and a great leader and whoever is going to be the new leader might as well give up because they won’t be anything like him. i hope he does come back soon and hopefully everything will be gone.

    • Definitely. Jay’s always been true and acted the way he’s always been and to be judged by something he said years ago is stupid. I hope he does come back too :)

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