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I bet you guys have all heard the latest knews (I just knew before posting whatever I posted before) and yes I’ve been crying a lot. I mean; this is super stupid. Whoever crazy people started this crap should really fix it because it’s not his damn fault anymore. What was done was done geez, he’s already apologized );

And yet I’m so sad that he chose to resign and returned home. I hope he returns to be 2PM’s leader very soon. I bet all the members are really sad right now. I can’t even express how I feel because of this yet I’m going to, to show those crazy idiots.

I hate going on wikipedia and searching “2PM” to read the headline talking about that Myspace controversy and I hate not seeing Jay on top of the leaders and now seeing him as a former member only. I hate the fact that they’re deciding on whether or not they should remain 6 membered group or adding another person. No one can replace Jay; and no one ever will. I hate having to know that the last time I ever saw him happy on my computer was on Wild Bunny. I hate the fact that I’ll never see him smile , or at least not until this stupid controversy is over.

Miley Cyrus even apologized and was forgiven for doing way more outrageous things. I can’t believe Jay was not forgiven and was forced out like this. This has disappointed me a lot in Korea. I can’t express the anger I have against those antis. 2PM was always sincere to their fans and was nothing but themselves. The fact that Jay made us laugh showed his true sweet side. Them, as a group, broke away from the perfect idol image by being the cute boys they are following their always a fail leader. Yet this time, Jay was not forgiven.

I can feel that JYP loves Jay a lot and that because of his personal decision for leaving; he can’t do anything by stand by his side and honor his decision.  As I watched the fancam of Jay leaving Korea; I not only felt sad but angry at myself for not being there and telling him to stop.

I hope he realizes that there’s more people that love him and support him all the way; rather than care for those antis who are against him. This is probably the saddest thing i’ve felt since being addicted to kpop.

If anything like this ever happens to DBSK; I might just bawl my eyes out.

I sincerely hope antis will reach deep inside their hearts and forgive the poor guy. And that his career won’t be shattered because of this.

And because we love 2PM & Jay so much, I want everyone to sign this to show that we really want him back. I hope my ranting is over and that someone will at least have their sanity back. PLEASE; come back soon Jay.



  1. i hope jaebeom oppa will be return back be the 2PM leader..i don’t want anybody to take jaebeom place..i want 2PM complete with JAEBEOM,WOOYOUNG,NICHKHUN,CHUNSUNG,TAECYEON,JUNSU AND JUNHU. We don’t want 2PM groups change to other person,

    • me too =/ stupid antis. Jay’s always gonna be their leader no matter what

  2. i agree with the miley cyrus thing…it’s true. i mean how come no one cares about that and can forgive her but not him.

    • oh and i signed that petition, hopefully everyone who reads this will too.

      • Oh and forgot to say thanks for signing that !

    • I guess it’s just US and not Korea. Korea is a lot more strict about everything. Banning songs, and now this. I mean I get why they’re mad and stuff by to make a petition to make him kill himself is too much.

  3. can anyone tell me what site an i going to go to sign that petition?????? plzzzzzzz message me.. (rezzz0828@yahoo.com)
    i love Jay and if ever i’ll be in Korea i don’t think i can control myself over killing that person who just destroyed Jay’s life!!!

    • Go HERE

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