090910 M! Countdown


Aw we have a guy’s comeback; I saw him on Pops In Seoul and he seemed very funny ! He was part of Paran. Can you guess who now?  haha RYAN. He sounds fluent in english too, strange how he looks awfully familiar. i’ll have to stalk him more to see.

A lot of collabs this week too. I nearly forgot that there was Mnet today.

Ryan –  I love his voice omgg, he sounds so good live. It’s different from other guys, sorta like really deep manly but it’s soooo good. He holds the notes so well, dude my new fave crush. Watch out :) I like the background too, although the dancers looked random to me, like I hate how sometimes there’s only 2 guys who dance..looks lonely.

Mighty Mouth feat Nicole – I don’t pay attention to Mighty Mouth at all and they’ve collabed this song with like UEE and Hyunah so yeah. But idkk, I just wanted to watch this one instead. Okay so I remember the song lol, Nicole is really cute, or shall I say mature now. I like her voice too, it doesn’t even sound like hers that much.

Kara – I like this song too but them mixing it up and performing both songs is like weird to me. What happened to promoting one and then second single after.

GOD, Ryan, 8eight & Mighy Mouth – I like that they’re bringing back oldies back, I can finally listen to them haha. Idols like them are no longer like the same, now it’s all pop and stuff. I love this song so much. I was happy Ryan started the song…dude that guy’s voie is bomb lol (i’m saying bomb a lot now) This song has like the beautifulest voices together, that 8eight guy (learning their names) is amazing. Kim Tae Woo’s voice is so strong.

4Minute – lol I LOVE THIS SONG, IT’S SO CATCHY. It’s on my repeat too. I like Hyunah’s rap too, it might not be cool and stuff but I like it. and Shades girl finally takes her shades off, she’s so pretty haha.

Brown Eyed Girls –  haha G-Dragon beat them but it was close. I’d have a hard time voting too.  lol wow I never realized they had that many dancers, it just looked like a clump but now it seems like 30 ppl up there. I like their shiny outfit, and I can’t stand Narsha’s wig. I never said anything about it but seeing her long hair made me have to .  I remember watching Candy Man haha, their cowboy outfits reminded me of it.

Kim Tae Woo –  i love his sweet voice. The stars or rain whatever in the back are so cool too. The dancers dance is freakin cool too. I love how he tries to dance along too, reminds me of the Wondergirls’ Nobody.

Baek Ji Young feat Taec – Aw looking at Taec makes me really sad. He takes it so professionally. But I know that everyone knows what’s going on and tries to just ignore it. I love how he’s still so cool, he looks tired btw.


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