Dara feat Lee Minho – “Kiss” MV


Credit: leeminhovn @ youtube

I LOVE THIS SONGG, OMGG IT’S SO FREAKIN CATCHY. Minho’s hair is nasty lol, although Dara looks really cute. I think if they ever dated, it’d be perfect. It looks natural too.  Although the beer made them act really drunk haha. I heard she acted too so that really shows. Lmao the concert scene is like the same. Love his hair here btw. His ride is pretty hot. I like Minho’s reaction when he sees her, I wish guys would act that way too. towards me. Still, in the song there’s the 2NE1 saying in there. I think the beer ruined the MV a lot, like dude haha. But I guess in a CF it’s pretty common but I like it haha. Aw he gives her the can ring thing, weird how in here he’s like super rich.


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