090911 Music Bank


I like the performances this week as well. I think most of the stars are going soon? and bringing in the new groups and stuff as well. F(X)’s DEBUT STAGE WAS ONNNN AS WELL, REALLY EXCITED TO WATCH IT HEHEHEHEHEEHEHE. (Yes I recap while I watch if you haven’t known that only because I don’t remember what I wanna say once I end the video)

G-Dragon – OMG the beginning photo of him with the apple creeped me out a lot. I love the floor, the whole banner thing really amused me. He looks spiffy in his cute tux ^^ The rocks were freakin pretty as well, I love this song so much ! He won like 3 times already, boy’s on a roll :) love his peace sign and his face !

Him acting goofy with BJY & BEG – CUTE BOY LOL. BJY BUSTED OUT THE GRASSHOPPER MOVE WHILE HE TRIED THE BEG DANCE OMFG HOW CUTE. You can see Ga in laughing so hard.  & him winning ironic how he’s against the ppl he was in the waiting room with. I love the 2NE1 love as well, he always comes to them when he wins (:

F(X) Debut – I finally understood that they’re more of a dance group rather than dance, and maybe a year after this, they’ll have their vocals even stronger. Sorta like SHINee eh? But yeah; I think they dance pretty well. The only reason why I tolerated all of this is because of Amber. ppl were probably sick of so many girl groups so SM added a new girl way different than usual. And that helped a lot to me :)  I always liked the intro, it’s so pretty. Amber’s sweater coat is pretty hot. I love her rap and the Donghae inspired.haha jk ripped jeans were hot. Her voice is amazing lol. OK ENOUGH OF AMBER. Although she was a little fast (?) during the bow down part of the dance. Victoria still amazes me with her flexibilityness.

There are so many screams, it’s like crazy. The flashy lights piss me off so much. Luna’s always wearing baggy clothing and it makes her look much bigger than her own self. Sulli’s so cute, I love her cuteness. I wonder why when they dance, it looks slow mo or less energy? I think they’re tired. Like last week, their dance was way more energetic. LMAO, i still get amused when Amber says her come come come on baby ~ fans were like AHHHHHH.

4Minute – Amazed how I’m not the only person who thought they were really tired lately. Their comeback was really cool and exciting, energetic and stuff but now it’s lacking. They’re just been looking really tired. there was no rap so I was bummed but yeah, get some sleep ppl.

2NEI1 – Their suits whatever is gross lol, but I love the chair dance whatever they did. CL’s voice is really nice at rapping. Minji still makes me admire her so much,  she’s so charismatic but yet she still acts like a kid at heart.

Brown Eyed Girls – Flashy lights omg, is that what Music Bank is known for? Dude I seriously am going to learn this dance and post it on youtube for you guys to bash. But in the mean time, I’ll just be sleeping my butt off (i’m still drowsy from my medicine and it’s been like 6 hours !)

Kara – Aw I like their pants whatever. Makes them look really bad ass. Nicole’s hair was starting to make me feel like you know how the stars over the states shaved half their head? But luckily it doesn’t look like that now. I think it’s pretty. Halfway through the dance it looked like the hula thing.

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