SNSD Taeyeon & Park Hyo Shin – “Can you hear me?” & “Snowflower”


Credit: dailykpopnews1 @ youtube

Liked the first song she sang. pretty sure she did that one more than once but some people are saying that they don’t match haha. I loved how she sang the first song, man she looks pale btw. FYI for the makeup ppl.

I think she strained so much energy that she had none left but luckily PHS has a really great voice range and he hit like the notes really high O_________O higher than Tae too. I think because of that, their voices didn’t match that much. Tae was really off tune. Their voices don’t match =/ I think her voice was really unique and distinct and when he sings, it’s like that too so it’s hard to blend em together.


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