Super Junior M – Teaser & Pictures


Credit: sment @ youtube

HOLY SHIT HOT OVERLOAD. I FREAKIN ADORE DONGHAE DUDE. LOOK AT THAT SEXY FACE. LOOK AT ALL OF THEM DANCING. I LOVE THE VOICE BEHIND THE “SUPER JUNIOR M, COMEBACK.” OH MY GOSH IT LOOKS A LOT LIKE SORRY SORRY NO OFFENSE. I THINK DONGHAE’S GONNA BE IN SHADES FOR THEIR PERFORMANCES WHOO HOO. THE WAY THEY SAY SUPER IS REALLY CUTE TOO. (fetish for asian hot male accents) Okay so I know I was capping a lot of that but I’m excited okay. I mean, they’ve been gone for a long time (suju that is) and it’s goooood to see at least some of em performing. I know they’re not performing on those normal shows that I watch every week but I’ll still stalk them on youtube as much !

OMFG HOTNESS. I KNEW THAT DONGHAE HAS THOSE HOT MUSCLES UNDER HIS SHIRT. Hankyung looks really hot in here, and Siwon always had looked the same to me. Those other guys I don’t know of but I still think they’re awesome. I don’t like Wook’s hair, reminds me of Goo Joonpyo


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