090912 2PM on Incheon Korean Music Wave


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

This was unfortunately, the last time Jay performed as their leader (as of now of course) Jay will be back ! Khun wasn’t there =/ kind of sucked that much for him too. The stage reminded me of their performance on the top 20’s on Mnet. They look so much like a family ); Things fly by so fast and before you know it; you expect the unexpected. Ironicially, those were my fave outfits that they’ve worn too DDD; I wonder what was going on through their minds, if Jay talked about what he was going to do at all; Taec looks really pissed to me. Anyone notice that? They acted really professionally but I know they were still out of it. Taec surprised or even shocked me during his rap. He’s usually fierced but at that time, (Sept 5th) he looked just angry. I was sure he’s jump off the stage and yell when he took off the shades. Their performance was overall really good but I’m sad it was Jay’s last and Khun wasn’t there DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD;

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