090912 Star King Cuts


Sunny does Titanic – omg she looks so pretty, I wonder where this has been during Tell me your Wish performances. I love her blouse and everything. The equipment was really funny. KWON LMAO, WHY IS HE SO SUPER DUPER CUTE. I kind of feel bad when seeing him like that though, mixed emotions.

Yuri does the Tango –  Tango always screams “touchy” and all those things. It would’ve been cool if he asked Kwon lol. Looking at his face, I would’ve felt uneasy to dance with him lmao. But idk, Yuri was really brave even though I’m sure they practiced before hand or else it woud’ve been a really weird fail. And the weird staring game, awkward mann. She can cane like everything man, dance machine ♥ I love the reactions of the ppl, Yuri’s shriek was really cute. Although she forgets to kiss him back, omg I would’ve ran away.


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