Super Junior M – “Super Girl” MV


Credit: sounai

HEYYY IT’S OUT. lmao sorry guys, yesterday was not a good day and I did the Inki post but it never got posted so I’m not even gonna bother since THIS IS OUT.

I thought it was coming out like Thursday so yeah. I’m kind of happy lmao. I still have so much stuff to post. But I can’t keep my eyes off of this. It’s awkward listening to Wook sing chinese lmao. I don’t know why, korean accent much? Donghae ♥ whoo; where do I start. I cried when youtube didn’t load. Smashed my keyboard and did a lot more other things. Getting back to the vid, I loved the beginning the most. The choreo is awesome, Donghae’s awesome. LMAO, yes Donghae’s freakin hot, I’d marry him. My friend who I can’t remember who username lmao; said Siwon looks really weird, agree. OKAY I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO SO JUST GO WATCH IT, ps Donghae looked hot (k I’ll shut up)


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