Epik High on Music Travel La La La


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Their album just came out !

Love this song so much <3 Does Tablo look really energetic haha ;) Can’t wait to see those wedding photos. Love his beanie hood whatever, it looks so cute. I can just imagine him running a mile right now after he’s done with the song lol. Look at that boy move around that stage. It’s weird how there’s no audience haah. Imagine all the screams.

Wannabe – I think i heard this once and I love it <3 ;) It’s so catchy, the word wannabe is like the best word to say over and over.

Heaven – Love songs with this title. lol it’s weird seeing them just sit down and sing a song. Love the guitar. Rapping like that must be hard. awesome chorus, it’s really soft, Tablo’s voice is amazing. I like the way the way they transition from soft to the rap.

Fan – ahh this song goes out to the fans ! me :) Wish they sung like One or something, but nah. Don’t remember listening to this song, but it’s really good. After a while of listening to their songs, it pretty much sounds the same but the meaning is incredible. Love Epik High’s work ;)


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