Listen to… UFO – “Telepathy”


Credit: urasiansourcekpop @ youtube

YAY another boy group! Weird how there’s a girl group coming out and then a few days later, there’s a boy group. It’s like they’re trying to even it out.

Even more interesting are their names: Suck (Bass, Vocal, Synth)
Gunwoo (Guitar, Vocal)
Horsie (Synth, Vocal)
Back (Drums)
AHH, this is like a techno group, love the beat and then when they started singing, ehh… They don’t even look at the camera lol. I kind of like them though, different from other groups. Although, not my fave song. Totally understand their band name. Can’t wait for their live too. After a few plays, I might just love it. But now, I don’t feel it. The middle front guy, looks reallyyyy familiar. I don’t know who he resembles. OMG HE HAS A COOL PIERCING. LOVE HIM NOW lol <3


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