SNSD’s OST in Heading to the Ground


Part 1 – Love this OST alot, Jess’ voice is really sweet. I think it’s probably the only voice I hear. Speaking of this drama, I haven’t gotten to watch it yet or even check if the first ep is subbed. Yunho’s hair really bugs me, I’m so used to the more styled hair of his. The girl is really lucky too, Ara right?

Part 2 – You hear like a bunch of voices in this, or at least it’s me but it’s sweet too. Kind of annoying how it’s at the end where there’s still dialogue.



  1. Well what do you expect, SNSD is 9 people LOL.

    • lol, well I’m not a huge unlike someone here

      • A huge “fan” yes I am.

      • lmao i forgot fan cuz i was busy typing huge ;)

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