090917 M! Countdown


I don’t think I ever saw Epik High perform since they were like in the States for quite a while but they had their comeback today. ;) We also had a new girl group, HAM debuting (seriously, who comes up with the names?)

Sadly, it was Taec’s last stage for a while. I can’t believe it =/

Credit: urasiansourcekpop @ youtube

I like the title of the song, and the beat is amazing. It starts out really mellow and I was expecting it to be upbeat later on and it was sorta like that for a while. Mithra cut his hair <3 i’m a moonwalker.. really stuck in my head.

I love Wannabe so much <3 :) heard it twice so far and it’s already stuck in my head. I like the female voice in the song, it’s like Jisun in One.  I would usually be annoyed of the lights but it amused me more.

Baek Ji Young feat Taec – urghh, worst clothing ever man. What is up with that fur creature on your shoulders Taec? BJY sure has like the greatest figure for her age. I’m so sad to see his last stage for a while to be like this. Adding to this, I’m sure you guys heard about the JYP statement. Made me cry and sounded like he was never going to return. =/

HAM – It’s cool they’re just going to piling up the girl groups, not like the world is going to end. I just don’t really see the point when it’s like the SAME THING, and pretty typical. Ehh.. there’s a chinese member so whoo ! I don’t love the song, omg it sounds so girly. Their group names turns a lot of people off, or at least me. It sounds like a song that I can’t remember right now but it’s very familiar.

T-ara & Supernova – Liked the song, but not love and didn’t feel like repeating it, and I regret it a lot. I LOVE THE GUY RAPPERS, they’re so hot even though I can’t see their faces. The chorus sounds familiar, like I mentioned before.

4Minute and Jewelry – I didn’t like this song but it was just a bit hit. I like how they bring the old groups to sing with the new girl groups.

4Minute – Damn, no rap =/ Don’t like Hyunah’s hair either. I love this group now ;) I don’t know why but I really enjoy the raps. The chorus is soo addicting and I like this way better than their other single.

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