090918 Music Bank


GD wins AGAIN, thinking of guys…it reminds me of this month and how many guys went into bad luck. Right right right? Bad month for them.

LSG comeback whooo ! And like a bunch of debut stages, so exciting ;) oh and it’s friday. -applauds-


Lee Seung Gi –  Wow didn’t know he played the guitar, wow. I love his voice ;) his hair looks too flat. i miss his Hwan hair. I kind of didn’t hear the whole album =/ haha my bad but I wanted to hear Let’s break Up much more. I love comeback stages so much, they get to perform not one but TWO songs.  Okay second song, not digging the coat outerwear. Love the song <3

Him in waiting room –  whyy is he so cute, love the posters of him? haha. His hat makes him look so cute, and he’s so modest.

Epik High – ahhh ~ I’m so glad they’re back ;) my life on the weekends is finally back again. Love this song so much.

SHU-I –  They sound out of breath lol,


Well he’s in a smexy suit, why is he so hot.  He dances so well, his live is so much better. I love his face and chinky eyes. The chorus is so addicting. Okay out of words, I love everything. When the dancers circle him and then go in and out. ahha, weird but me likey. The stage is pretty too, spells Taegoon right? I love the sliding part too, reminds me of SHINee. Aw he has posters too. I love his dance breaks, I’m glad he never got rid of that. Then the dance after that is amazing too. Yeah, Taegoon’s perfect, period. In his face, idk what it is but you cansee his emotions so well.  lol and omgg his glove, its black and then white outside ! Yes, i’m not done with this. i’m replaying it for a while ;)

T – ara & Supernova – ahhh i’m so in love with this song now <3 love T-ara. Their songs were always catchy but now I’m actually watching and waiting for this song to air every day ;p it’s only their second time performing together but I love it.

F(X) – started to notice that I do the X with a capital not lower case but I kind of like it like that and I hope it’s not such a big deal to you guys. I hate these outfits the most out of all they’ve worn.

4Minute – Poor Hyuna, her outfit. It was i bet really short and so she kept on tugging on it. I bet the guys were all “wow that’s hot” but from a girl perspective like moi here – that’s just really embarrassing. Those are shorts btw not panties.

G-Dragon – Damn, sexy outfit. Love his shades, and kicks. When he performs, I love it lol. Mickey Mouse thing is pretty hot too. I can totally see him setting fashion trends. Haha, all the back up girls are so tall. I totally yelled when he took off his shades, such a fan girl xD love his cute kiss/peace sign.

And him winning –  I totally get why he’s winning so much. It’s so lonely to see him accepting alone, Big Bang come back soon? ;) If he’s that popular, I wonder what it’d be like if all the guys were going solo ;DDDDDDDDD The backup dancers lol, they’re like YEAH YEAH YEAH.

Brown Eyed Girls – Remixes are always right before the goodbye stages, so I’m sad. AHHH, I LOVE THIS REMIX. I love how it’s really happy and not so depressing. Ga in’s headband looks cool.   AHHH, Narsha has he real hair too. Lol I love how they changed some of the choreo, like Miryo’s parts. She looks more hip and happy. And the dance break part was much better too. Aw, I love this performance.

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