090919 Super Junior – Asia Song Festival


Credit: sujuthrusts @ youtube

Clip of Sorry Sorry

NO i did NOT find this Donghae fancam lol, I didn’t even know it was. But that’s even better for me ;)

Shaky fancam but I don’t mind. Kangin isn’t here because of the assault case. I can’t belive this month is so bad for the male artists.

Siwon looks like he’s wearing himself on the shirt but maybe that’s just my eyes. Sexy body waves ;) I even replayed it several times to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming again. Donghae <3  How come I never noticed that in the MV? Black suits whooo. Wook has a bow tie ! Kyu’s hair..I can’t get over it lol. It just doesn’t match him. He does look smooth in his dancing.

I was jealous when I saw a pic of Hae and Jess, DDDD;


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