090919 Super Junior & SNSD – “S.E.O.UL”


Credit: minminalways @ youtube

Fancam’s really clear and not shaky !

CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU. i was super pissed, angry, mad, ready to break someone’s neck off, jealous, sad. But Hae’s always been a good person like helping Ariel, and now Jess. Her mic was not working so like don’t go killing her as well. He was just being kind. It was totally not something sexual T________________________T It’s good to see them all really close in SM, oddly why was she placed right next to him. I read in a comment somewhere that she was Hae’s first love. BUT IDKK, again don’t be really jealous like me. Who’s the guy on the far left? He doesn’t even sing and I can’t see his face clear enough to tell who. Anywho, this paragraph is pretty much reassuring mostly myself that this was totally nothing and its’ not. Calm down. ahh hearing Hae’s voice..it was really deep. Doesn’t Siwon look awkward? he’s extremely buff and tall haha.

and now to the actual performance ! I like the song a lot, really promotes Korea. I wonder why they don’t have this back in the States.  I kind of took a while to realize that there’s not everyone there haha.


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