090920 Inkigayo


F(X) – Haha, Luna cracked in the beginning. I think Krystal looks nicer, haha. I love her hair and makeup. She looks really natural. Sulli’s slowlyyy turning into my fave. Haha, sorry Amber ): Victoria reminds me very much of a chinese actress, I can’t even remember her name. I hope they promote Mr Boogie after this ;)

Campaign song – I so dig campaign songs. Sulli’s so cute, Amber’s oh my gawd was cute as well. I love the Donghae capiton when she talked. lol on the ride that went straight down, Amber’s mouth was like :O the whole way down. Haha, Krystal and Sulli are just like me on those rides, I would never be on any of those rides.

G-Dragon –  Black and gold always goes with him ;) I love the outfit and stage. Everything’s like the colors I like. I love his ending, he’s so cool ;)

Taegoon – omgg, I completely forgot about his perf lol. He’s so sexy ! I love the stage, his outfit..omfg that’s hot to. I love his dancing too. I don’t know if it’s hot but he’s sweating before the song’s even starting. Oh he’s wearing the same glove. Lol I think all his backup is as well. I love the second verse part, he’s really on cue. I might as well recap this performance then because I can’t spazz enough. His stares at the camera are hot. Did you catch his smile, that was beautiful. haha, I screamed when he did the little dance break. I think the audio is too loud, he’s like trying to beat the cd track lol. I can’t hear his voice that much.

Brown Eyed Girls –  Happy birthday Ga in ;) I thought they were still doing Abracadabra.

And him winning again. Sadly Inki only lets ppl win 3 times so he’ll have a new replacement next week. His breathe mv is out tomorrow ! Excited ;)

Kara Aw they’re still promoting this song ! that makes me wonder what the remix (if there is one) is going to sound like.

4Minute –  Lol black and gold again, ironically. I think these are my fave outfits. Not outragouesly short on some girls -___________- they sound tired again.

T-ara and Supernova – I LOVEE this song, end of story lol.

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