Super Junior M on Numero Magazine


wow, it’s hardly reognizable. Henry’s wearing something bird like ); and Siwon and Donghae…MADE ME SO DEPRESSED. I love his chest though, so sexy ;) but the way he’s showing it really kills me (in a bad way) His makeup, omgggg that’s too much ! ANd Wook, don’t even start with me.. the pants are fug. Hankyung – omgg you look like an old man ! And I wish he was just a tad less weird lookin. Overall – I hate the picture


OMGG DONGHAE WHAT’D U DO TO URSELF, GETTING WASTED IN THE TUB. Kyu’s photo is so strang lol. It kind of…disturbs me. I think the photo with Wook looks really cute, and so was it when they were walkin in their shades. Hankyung looked the most normal lmao, everyone else pretty much changed alot. The makeup Donghae wore made him look prettier than any girl I’ve seen.  I have a faint little crush on Zhou Mi, his photos made him look even hotter lol.


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