Super Junior M – Rest of the Tracks from their Album


haha weird title I know ! Always preorder as YesAsia ! ;) It’s coming out towards the end of this week/next week. So support them ;D

Wow and Donghae half sitton on that chair is really hot. I like Wook’s pose the most. Siwon is just like the mob leader.

Confession – Very happy but idkkk I don’t like it as much as the other ones I’ve listened to. I like their voices though, especially Kyu’s *_____*

Only U – A little more rock and roll I think. I’m glad they have different types of tracks in their album. I like this a lot. The chorus kind of got me a little addicted. You know what, this would be perfect for a super hero film. Reminds me of Batman and the ninja turtles.

You & ME – There wasn’t a ballad yet so I was guessing this was and it is :))))))) or maybe I’m just forgetting. Kyu’s voice omgggg it’s so good and then Wook’s voice comes in and it’s even better. I like the chorus a lot, it’s really cheery and happy but really soft. I’m like this close to knowing Donghae’s voice completely. It’s predictable since he sings like after the first chorus, second verse like all the time.


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