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091029 M! Countdown


Urgh, I’m getting pretty sick of them releasing it a week later T___________________T

4Minute – I love the lalala part of the song (: I think this song is super catchy and I love what they’re wearing too. Gayoon unfortunately hurt her ankle walking off stage and was treated at the hospital ):

Seo In Gook – YUUUUS, HE GOT TO DO A LIVE ;D I love his voice, btw this performance was done in TWO takes because of the transition from mv to the huge choir. I love what he’s freakin wearing. The way he walks up from the stairs, they look just like stars. He does a really great live for his first performance. He sure closes his eyes a lot, but he looks with such passion. The chorus is my fave, he sings it so well (: He reminds me of a younger generation of Hwanhee lol. No one can replace him but I love Seo In Gook :)

F.T Triple – THEY LOOK TOO HOT FOR ME TO STARE AT ;OOOOOOOO. Give me a moment to hold myself together (if I can xD) Jaejin’s looking really good, OMG JONGHUN’S WEARING THAT HEADBAND. I love the trio actually, they mesh really well, and it doesn’t sound just Hongki singing. Jaejin’s voice is like an angel, too soft but sexy (: His hair is like a hot mess. Minhwan omg *__________* I wish they did like a dance song lol, even if Hongki sucks at dancing.

Hwanhee – He barely looks recognizable anymore. From the side, he looks a lot like Wheesung. I love his album so much I’ve decided to get that before SHINee and SS501. I have like five albums I really wanna buy but Hwanhee’s is a must (: The dang mics ruin the song though. He got to perform two songs (: That’s what I love most about comebacks. Bring it Back wasn’t the song I loved the most, he should’ve done Getting Down :)))))))The choreo of Because I missed your heart is like people flying everywhere lol.

MBLAQ VS BEAST (Click individual names for each performance) -Of course MBLAQ would cover Rain.GO’S mustache turns me totally off so I don’t love any of his looks lol.

Ironic how a bunch of people are now covering 2PM’s song. I never knew DBSK was against SS501 o___________o lol something about them makes me laugh, they’re doing really well though. I’m happy they song too (: Hyun Seung’s voice, OMG SO SOFT, HE’S TOO CUTE. OMG YO SEOB’S hair.

BEAST (Bad Girl) – mmmhmm..something about Gi Kwang’s stares make me lured in. I love the start of the song. I’ve learned to cope with it so I’m not tired of this song anymore lol.

MBLAQ (Oh Yeah) – Unestimated them a lot but ever since I saw them on Taeyeon’s radio, I’ve fallen in love. Sorta got their names down but after a few variety shows, I’ll totally get it down xD kay I lied; i totaly forgot their names. I probably only know GO. His voice is really amazing. I love it. I saw Rain’s vid on the choreo yesterday, I give them a lot of props for what they do xD


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Big Bang – “Let Me Hear Your Voice” MV


Credit: Theygmusic @ youtube

3rd japanese single <3 TOP’S stares are so intense. Taeyang looks really good, and I love his japanese. He looks so hot just walking. Seungri <3 lol that boy’s too cute on family outing. Daesung’s here (: I LOVE their voices, man this song’s already too good. GD and TOP don’t sing much =/ actually do they even sing ? Daesung’s so cute sitting on that dice. I love the chorus though, and like everything they’re wearing is perfect.

GD and TOP rap in english though, wow they sound good. TOP does the ‘butterfly’ hehe.



091029 SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa


Ring Ding Dong – Jonghyun’s freakin hot singing with a hoodie and his hand in his pocket, URGH MUST CONTROL MYSELF. Onew’s such a cutie. Key’s wearin his troll ring btw. I love Shinyoung and Shindong just bustin out their moves. Onew’s such a dork for pulling the mic and hittin it in his face for pulling too hard. Shindong pops up from nowhere and makes Taemin so scared. LOL THEN THEY BOTH DO IT (: Onew cracks lol and makes this super duper grin omggg <3 Shindong’s hair sorta matches Taemin’s now.

Y.O.U -Minho’s hear YUUUS, you can hear him sing finally. LMFAO AT THE END, Onew’s so weird, Still holding his mic and makes a creeepy face but flashes his smile xD

Onew : How Deep Is Your Love – I love this song <3 Halfway Key starts being a diva and Taemin joins along. Jonghyun looks dead tired though/I think he’s asleep lol.


Listen to… Seo In Kook – “Calling You” MV


Credit: miumiudolls @ youtube

First discovered him through youtube the other day, he won SuperStar K and released his own single.

His voice is AH – MAZING. It takes my breath away. I think he puts too much facial expression in the mv though. He sings with such passion though, gosh he’s too cute too. I love his face, voice everything. He won for every right reason. What I thought was weird was that it sounded just like Alicia Key’s “No One” right?

Totally going to look forward to this guy, I hope he does a live very soon. (HEHE, HE GETS HIS OWN TAG)