091003 Idol Big Show


My quality turned to crap today T_T and that really bugs me now since all the photos and stuff are really blurry ):

I’m glad I got to posting again and I really apologize but I was just really tired.

But this show really gave me an extra boost :)

Kara’s performance – I haven’t seen them perform happy songs such as this in a long time so i’m really glad they did. Nicole’s ponytails are really cute ;) Haha, it kind of livened up everything.

Kara’s DANCE performance –  They dance really well and burned off like a billion calories doing it. Nicole’s and i forgot her name ): their performanc ewas really good. I loved both but I was just not digging the other group’s song haha. Not biased at all ;)

Kara’s dorm – Really long clip ): But they look awfully good and i’m so jealous. Nicole’s hoodie is in like everyone’s comment and I think it’s really cute. Living together with like 4 other girls must be a really messy place. I can’t imagine living with all my friends either.

Kara’s interview with GD – At this point, I’m picking and choosing what I watch/ or speed watching. I hate doing that because I don’t do a very good job with the recaps and stuff but I don’t have time ;__; I love what they’re wearing though.

2NE1-s performance – Muhaha I actually watched the whole clip. Fire’s remix version – I liked the drum ppl. I thought it was really neat and caught my eye the most. They could do that the whole 8 mins and I wouldn’t be complaining. I never diged whatever the heck CL was wearing behind her booty. It looked like it could stab the person whoever was behind her. But I like their performance. I really wanna see Minji with long hair, the short hair is really something i’m already used to. We need new hair ppl ! I liked their Let’s go Party too, it was really good (:

Afterschool & 4Minute – Oh I thought it was 2NE1 ): that would’ve been a really good pairing as well but it’s okay. Hyunah started the performance and I wasn’t surprised haha. She looked really good but I felt squingy (is that a word?) about it haha. They’re all barefoot deaw gawd. haha that was weird. Heels would’ve been cooler.

Afterschool’s performance was really good. I liked their english, it’s really good haha.

SNSD practicing – Oh they’re so cute haha. haha it was REALLY long since they’re sang it again, it’s cute to see them struggle but still have fun at the same time. I love Sooyoung when she was dancing by herself and went the side as well. I was like laughing so much when they sat down and had a lunch break. The end got me a little teary eyed, they’re come so far ♥

SNSD – Into the New World I can’t believe it’s been already 2 years since their debut and them performing this song ;____; Good times though, they look the same as before. Sure their hairs have changed, but look how far they’ve come along. Aww, jus twatching it makes me cry ):

Hyo, Yuri & Sooyoung’s Dance –  Oh I love the song and Sooyoung looked really gangsta in the beginning. Hyo sure dances well and I can’t even stop staring at her dance. I love her facial expressions, while Yuri keeps that really cool pimp face. Hyo danced so well her sweater eventually fell haha.

Gee –  It’s cool how they didn’t do Genie and I’m glad they didn’t and wet back the older songs. I like what they’re wearing, it’s super cute.

GD, Sunny, CL, and Sandara Park’s Interview – Wow, all I have to say is GD has a crush on CL or he really loves her as a sis cause I don’t see anyone else besides those two in the room. ;)

How Gee ft 2NE1 – Really short and at the end so idk. I wish it was longer but it’s not ):

Hello – Been waitin for this since like forever. I’ve been listening to it for the whole day so far. They have a really good chemistry goin and they’re super cute together too. ;) Gosh he should date her or CL. I love the song so much, it’s so catchy. He should promote it with her some day ;))))))))

2NEI & Big Bang – I’ve missed this song too ! They should just group altogether and call it something haha. Oh they sing so well :) girl version (?) haha. Amazing how they sound so live and can do all that crazy dancing too. I was like so happy when Big Bang came out, I loved their entrance. GD looks spiffy in that suit, I love them sighhh, is Daesung not there T_T I just lost all my happy sigh. I hope he’s not super busy. I can’t wait for Taeyang’s solo stage. I haven’t heard his voice in like so long ;) Then he can compete with GD haha.

GDragon – URGHH, never dug his flower sweater and not goign to this time either. But I love the song and the way he starts it off by being on a bed, arousing (: hehe not really to me, at least… (: The stage is so bright, and back to the sleeping clip – they must’ve pre recorded it haha, creepy much cuz then you’d just film that and then wait for the actual performance. I love this song ;) I’m waiting for my money sighhh, it’s gonna take forever ! Donghae made me broke so I don’t have a single penny left. I really wanna get his album but it’ll have to wait for a longg time. Gosh I just saw the back of his jacket, it’s cute haha but idk I wouldn’t wear that.

I don’t Care Unplugged Version –  over in the states they call these AOL Music Sessions haha or at least studio versions/acoustic whatever. But I like the word unplugged.

Dirty Eyed Boys – I really miss Jay )*: I’m glad they’re still performing this with half happy half “I really miss Jay” attitude. 5 mins and 41 secs is never enough for them and I wish it was like the whole show )): Jinwon, gosh his hair grows so fast. I think it’s sexy though, shaggy hair on him looks good. Changmin’s voice is amazing. I love the soft music haha, Jinwon’s carrying a triangle in his hand. They look half drunk but lol idk. When they put on the clothes, haha i knew it was SHABANG SHABANG. GOODNESS, I LOVE THEM. THEY’RE SUCH DORKS ;) (caps was not intended but neccessary) Changmin’s worm was hot, I was looking forward to maybe ripping off his shirt next but it wasn’t going to happen. Abracadabra, lmao, they’re so cute. But yes it hinted what was next, Jokwon, gosh he’s such a good boy. idk what i’m saying next but ignore if you want. Jokwon’s eyebrow move is always hot, Seulong’s a dork. He doesnt’ dance well but makes the best laughter out of it. I wish Wooyoung, Taec, and Chansung could’ve joined them too ): they’re two very different ppl, Kwon’s small and works it, Seulong’s tall and is very stiff haha. A very good pairing. I love Seulong’s shades, it’s so hot. I knew Kwon would do the dance break, he’s so good and there’s no touching so this is the clean version guys. At the end they all come together to dance it and it’s hot lol. 2AM ♥

Dara, Jessica, Hyuna, and Kwon’s interview

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