SHINee – “Machyeoteumyeo”


the single isn’t out yet so don’t freak out and think I didn’t upload the video :)

I just wanted to “tease” you with this photo of them. It’s already their uh 3rd mini album. They seem to come back really fast, they just promoted Romeo back in May which is funny cause now I’m never really sad that they’re on break cuz they’re always looking awfully busy.

Now to the photo…

20091007_shinee3rdalbum_3 I thought Jonghyun (middle) was Key until ppl were like OMG KEY WHAT DID YOU DO, DID THE HAIRSTYLIST HOLDING YOUR HAIR HOSTAGE. Dude wth, he looks like someone back in the emo days. Onew’s hair looks super short and fried. It might be the angle of the photo but I dig Jonghyun’s hair but maybe I’m wrong. Somehow, Minho never seems to get a drastis haircut change, not that I want him to. Taemin’s hair looks still red and maybe a little shorter but not bad. Overall, wth did the ppl do to their hair ?!?! i’m upset, and I wish this is just temporary and that they’ll have their normal hair again, I really miss Key’s debut hair );


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